B&D Pools LLC Has Just Celebrated 125 Appointed Contractors

B&D Pools LLC, a trusted pool service company, has proudly announced that they have celebrated 125 appointed contractors

Pool service in Silver Spring is essential to ensure the balance of the pool water. If the water chemistry is good the water will be clean and the life of the equipment will be extended. However, the price for pool service of different pools is not the same. In B&D Pools LLC employees claim that all pools are different, so their service and maintenance is expected to be different.

Adequate pool maintenance in Silver Spring will make the water in the pool look great and everything will operate efficiently. The top-secret to the pool maintenance in Silver Spring is routine care.

Pool opening in Maryland is a mix of several services done by B&D Pools LLC. All starts with removing the cover of the pool and folding the winter pool cover. After that, the winterizing plugs are removed and handrails and diving boards are installed. The next step in pool opening in Maryland is that the pool is vacuumed and the debris is removed by the team of technicians from B&D Pools LLC. Then, the system is started.

Pool closing in Maryland can range from simple to complex. The technicians from B&D Pools LLC company will give their best to ensure that the client’s pool and its equipment are secured and protected from freezing. Also, pool closing in Maryland includes removal of diving boards, draining the pool and removal the fittings. In the end, the professionals from B&D Pools LLC blow lines of water and always add antifreeze.

Pool filter cleaning and replacing is a professional pool service offered by B&D Pools LLC. Because every swimming pool has filters which may catch the grime and dirt it is essential to think about the pool filter cleaning. The dirt can stick to the filer, as well. It is recommendable to perform the pool filter cleaning every 4-6 months. Therefore, the pool water will be clean and clear without any algae or bacteria. Also, a dirty pool filter can bring about high electricity bills because they cannot run smoothly.

In maintaining a swimming pool, it is vitally important to replace the pool filter. It is advisable to be replaced after 10-12 cleaning cycles. The pool filter replacing is successfully done by B&D Pools LLC’s team.  The professionals from this company claim that it is important to think about the amount of dirt and body oils which usually rung through the pool filter. Therefore, if their level is high, the filters need more often to be replaced.

B&D Pools LLC is a family and friend pool service company which is in the pool business for more than 10 years. They provide service for both residential and commercial customers in Maryland, Virginia and Washington DC area. Taking care of every client’s pool like it is in their possession is always a must for B&D Pools LLC. Their staff is full of responsible and trained professionals that can assure the completion of the outstanding work. B&D Pools LLC is a licensed and insured pool company, and a client’s safety and satisfaction are very important for them in every completed pool job.

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